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Samsung Smart TV users are facing issues with the HBO Max app (Acknowledged)

Last month, a few users faced the HBO Max playback issue on their Samsung smart TVs and later, the company noticed it and provided the acknowledgment. And so far, the fix for the issue has not been rolled, and many users are joining the list. Presently, some Samsung smart TV users have begun facing the ‘unable to install’ or ‘load latest HBO Max update’.


Like Netflix, Prime Video, and a few other services, HBO Max is also a well-known streaming platform that is gaining more users these days. HBO Max is available for download on almost all the platforms like Smart TVs, casting devices, mobiles, etc.

Samsung TV’s HBO Max issue

Even though Samsung TV users faced playback issues from the past few weeks, they have adjusted for it and streaming content. But, from the past few days, a new issue has started popping up on the Samsung Smart TV’s saying ‘there’s an error, ‘unable to install’, etc.

The other applications like Netflix and Prime video are working well. So, this issue might be from the end of HBO Max. Furthermore, the issue is popping up only on the Samsung Smart TVs, and like the previous one, many users across the world are facing it.

When the error shows up, users are not able to access the content in the application. This led the frustration & anger in many users, and they have started describing their issue to the company on social media networks. A few user messages are dropped below.

  • Hey, I know there was a recent HBO Max update, but it is not working with my Samsung smart TV. I hope this can be corrected soon.
  • I have a Samsung Smart TV and trying to run HBO Max. It says I need the latest version, but it won’t update. I deleted the app and tried to download it again, but now it says I don’t have enough space. I don’t believe this is really the case. Help please!

During the initial stage, a few experts have suggested a few steps to fix the issue. But unfortunately, the issue remained the same. And day by day, as the issue is gaining immense popularity, HBO Max has noticed it and provided the acknowledge statements.

Noticing this issue, HBO Max has asked users to send their Samsung TV model number via DM so that the company can provide a proper resolution for it. The acknowledge statement is as follows.

  • Hi, thanks for contacting us. We understand you’re having difficulties downloading the #HBOMax app on your Samsung TV and we’ll be happy to help. To better assist you, please send us a DM with your Samsung TV model number. Thank you.


As always, the company has not provided the estimated time of arrival for the fix. However, as the issue grabbed the company’s attention, we can expect the fix to follow soon within the next few days.

Note: As always, we will keep an eye on this issue and update you whenever more information about this problem becomes available.

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