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Samsung indirectly confirmed that the Galaxy Watch 3 is now outdated

In May 2021, Google and Samsung announced their merge to create the next generation of Wear OS. Samsung has also confirmed that the upcoming Watches will not come with the Tizen OS. The merge and confirmation have put the Galaxy Watch 3 owners in trouble about the software updates. In the MWC 2021 event, the Korean giant unveiled the first look of the upcoming One UI interface for the Watches.

Galaxy Watch 3

There was hope till a few moments back about the new OS for the Galaxy Watch 3. But unfortunately, Samsung has confirmed something MWC 2021 that will leave Galaxy Watch users into frustration.

No Android for Galaxy Watch 3

In the MWC 2021 event, the Korean giant has announced that it will provide three years of software updates to the existing Tizen OS smartwatches. The list includes Galaxy Watch 3, Galaxy Watch Active 2, and Galaxy Watch. This indirectly means, Samsung has not sanctioned the new Android-based Watch OS for the Galaxy Watch 3. And unfortunately, the buyers of the Galaxy Watch 3 will need to stick to the Tizen OS itself. However, it can be easily digestible as the company confirmed three years of Tizen software updates.

The Watch 3 was introduced in August of 2021, and it’s nearly two months faraway from its birthday. As the buyers have chosen it by seeing default Tizen OS during their purchase, we hope they will easily digest this news. Alternatively, we can also expect more changes in the next Tizen OS major updates.

Those who are planning to purchase the Galaxy Watch 3 now will be worth waiting for a few more months until the release of the Galaxy Watch 4 Series. Because the Android-based OS for the Galaxy Watches is going to be a perfect and unstoppable match.

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