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Google to bring a new notifications interface for the Chrome OS

The notification section in ChromeOS is a little bit clutter as they is no proper grouping, and it remained unpolished for the past few years. Now, Google is reportedly working on the new notification interface design for the Chrome OS. The new notification design offers a more intuitive experience, and it will also be less cluttered.

Chrome OS Notification Bar

As per the latest information, the newly merged code doesn’t include any more additional information about the new features apart from the notifications refresh work. It is also confirmed that the code also adds a background blur when a notification tray is in use. Moreover, we can also see the planned features for the future in the report.

Chrome OS Code

If we go with the design, the grouping of the new notification bar will be identical to that in the Android 11 operating system. It means the notifications from the respective app will be displayed separately from others. However, after the official release, the new notification bar will start grouping the notifications from the same app together.

In most of the cases, Google might use its new Material You design standard for this. But, unfortunately, we can’t confirm it because the new notification design for the Chrome OS is currently in the initial development stage. As a result, enabling it in the Chrome OS Canary 93.0.4534.0 doesn’t add anything.

At the moment, as it is a leak, we don’t have any more information about the new notification design and its availability. Nonetheless, as the developers have already started working on it, we expect more details to anticipate soon.

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