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Bixby’s new July update brings a couple of improvements and a new add-on

After the Bixby April update, Samsung has not released any updates to the application for two months. Even though many users are to preferring Bixby and disabling it, Samsung has never given up. Presently, the Bixby has started picking the July update with a couple of further improvements and an add-on.


Talking about the new update, it doesn’t come with any new features, but it compromises much-needed improvements and an add-on. This update might bring back all the unused users as it includes essential improvements.

Bixby July update

Through the Flexible UX, the response to any query will occupy as much screen space as needed by the content of the response, and it will be displayed for a defined duration which is completely based on the type of query. (Default: 15 sec).

TheThe update also introduces the ‘Hints suggestion on Bixby Invocation’ option. When the users invoke Bixby, hints will be shown to them. If they enable “Personalized Bixby”, they will be provided with personalized hints based on the application. It’s worth noting that the hints are not provided when the driving mode is turned on.

After installing this update, users can use ‘Hi Bixby’ without training their voices.

Last but not least, the July update adds the Quick Command to Home (Bixby Main Card). A card “Add Quick Commands to home” will be displayed on the home screen from now onwards. Whenever users click on that icon, a Quick Command icon will be added to the home screen, enabling users to execute “My Quick Commands quickly”.

The July update for the Bixby is currently live on all the smartphones in the Galaxy Store. You can navigate directly to the store and start installing the update.

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